Sunday, 23 October 2011

Yay! New toy!

Today is a good day... I finally got my Bind-it-All delivered the other day, but alas due to some problems with an online craft shop my binding rings were no where to be found! Once again though, Kim saved the day and gave me a one so I could have a play.

So, today with this:

<--- Very sexy machine

I made this:

I also have something else coming through the post soon. Thanks to my boyfriends habit of throwing things around the house, he knocked one of my beloved box frames (painted with a crackle glaze I might add of which I no longer have!) off the wall and it broke into about 100 pieces. No exaggeration there at all : /

So, I handed it him is credit card and told him what he was buying me in return. It shall be delivered soon and I will post of photo of it up here when it does! I love my boyfriend so much....

 ttfn! x

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