Monday, 24 October 2011

My take on the 7 Gypsies Library Draw...

For this project I was inspired by the 7Gypsies ‘Library Drawer’ but wanted to create something a bit larger and more personalised.
The box itself stands on Tim Holtz ‘Foundations’ and is decorated in 7Gypsies ‘Collage Tissue Paper’ applied with ‘ModPodge.’ I stamped on the tissue paper itself using PaperArtsy ‘Hot Picks 1007’ and Tim Holtz ‘Distress Embossing Powder.’ The front has a few items to embellish the box, including Tim Holtz ‘Ornate Plates’ and ‘Philosophy Tags.’ The box is divided up into years and for each year I have created mini-layouts using a variety of patterned papers, stamps, inks and embellishments. It’s great to be able to easily add to and flick through when the desire takes you! 


  1. Hey, thank you so much for following back :)

    I really enjoyed looking through your blog, and this memory box is a lovely idea. I've got about 3 memory boxes but everything's just shoved in with no order whatsoever so maybe you'll inspire me to get organised and sort it all out!

  2. What a totally gorgeous project! I adore all the little details and fabulous collage.

  3. I really love all the detail that went into the project that resembled a card catalog. I have a few that I won in a bidding auction when I won a box of everything. These file catalogs were part of my win. But where did you get the cute legs that went on the bottom of the file box? It adds another cute character to this very creative collage of memories. Thanks.

  4. This is an awesome looking project. May I ask where you found the 'feet' for the box please.

  5. This is so wonderful and very inspiring, thank you.


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